Partnering for Success
with Evidence Matters

Creating innovative solutions to improve life,
improve health, and reduce unnecessary costs

Evidence Matters (EM) is a Quebec-based company, incorporated in Canada since August 21, 2000. EM makes a wide range of diversified products, for government, corporations, and consumers.

EM's products range from:

  • online information portals and databases;
  • health IT components: these include evidence-based outcomes data and specialized taxonomies as online services, for order sets, EMRs, reference tools and websites;
  • directories and publishing products;
  • innovative daily-use consumer products, under the Avitality brand.

EM's business models range from:

  • licensing out technology;
  • selling online subscriptions via distributors and directly;
  • providing scientific consulting and data abstracting services to publishing corporations;
  • selling consumer products via distributors, direct marketing, and Internet.

EM has won numerous prizes, including "Top Company" ($5,000 prize) at a business competition sponsored by Deloitte & Touche. Find out more about our health division milestones.

Psych Evidence Matters

Psych Evidence Matters (Psych EM) is a new, evidence-based mental health search engine.

Psych EM allows you to assess hundreds of the best-known therapy options, for the top mental health conditions, by comparing outcomes from the peer-reviewed literature. Psych EM supports researchers, clinicians, pharmaceutical professionals, librarians, insurance companies, law practices and decision-makers in finding the best evidence in mental health practice.

Medical Evidence Matters

Evidence Matters - the evidence-based medical search engine - has a new name and a new publisher. Evidence Matters for medicine is now published by ProQuest, under the new name Medical Evidence Matters.

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